Incorporating Technology into Your Teaching


Quickly, Easily, Effectively, and with Minimal or No Expense


(Optional Add-On) 

Saturday, April 7 • 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

With so many applications and devices claiming they can help educators better engage with and teach students, how do you determine which ones are right for your specific needs?  And given our busy lives and limited budgets, what is the guarantee that a technology-driven teaching device or application will run the first time and seamlessly deliver the educational benefits promised?  Most importantly, how do you find out what changes need to be incorporated into your teaching approach and curricula to accommodate these innovations and to ensure a significant return on your investment of time and money?

Led by David Roberts, MD, a dean and medical education innovator at Harvard Medical School, this special half-day program is designed to answer these questions and provide strategies to quickly, easily, and cost effectively integrate technology into your teaching for improved outcomes.   

Key Tools to Effectively Search the Literature and Organize Results
Leverage Technology to Help You as a Clinician and as an Educator

Imagine going on rounds, recalling a paper on a topic you are teaching, and sending it to your students in real time.  During this session, Dr. Roberts will demonstrate—and have you practice—easy literature retrieval and delivery techniques that allow for interactive, “just-in-time” instruction for your students.

Using the most up-to-date applications and technology, you will leave this program with specific ideas, innovations, and recommendations for keeping pace with the medical literature utilizing:

  • Smart searching techniques
  • Automated searches and RSS feeds
  • Bundled journal browsers
  • Web clippers

—all of which can easily be customized to your specific interests and instantly sent to your students.

Flip, Not Flop: Succeeding in the Flipped Classroom 
Practical Strategies to Create Effective Concept Videos for “Flipped” Classroom Learning

In a very practical and interactive session, you will learn key strategies for developing and delivering video content that will prepare learners for “flipped” learning sessions.  Additionally, you will learn effective methods that build on preparatory video materials to optimize in-class instruction. 

"Pad"-agogy and More: Enhancing Interactivity and Learner Engagement through New Apps and Devices

This portion of the program shows you simple applications that are widely available (most for free) and that can be readily incorporated into your teaching for significantly better pedagogy and learner engagement.

  • These recommendations include free applications for smart audience response systems used to increase learner engagement, and collaborative annotation tools that enable you to run interactive sessions—even at multiple distant locations—simultaneously. 

You also get step-by-step, hands-on guidance to set up innovative teaching technologies on your own device with little additional time or cost.

  • Technologies covered in this program have been specifically chosen because of the speed and ease with which you can implement them.
  • Bring your smart phone, iPad, and other mobile devices, and you will leave this program with a smart audience response system and a collaborative annotation tool, set up and ready to use.

This session also provides effective strategies to incorporate these technologies into your teaching without having to redesign your entire teaching approach, presentation, or curriculum.

What to Bring:  

  • Bring your smart phone. 
  • While optional, bringing an iPad or tablet is also recommended.

Minimal Preparation Needed. You will receive simple, initial download and setup instructions for the applications covered in this program approximately one week in advance of the session, along with contact information for assistance should you encounter any difficulties.

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