Successful Career Development for the Clinician-Educator


Optional Add-On Workshop
Friday, March 31, 2023
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Through a series of highly interactive, live, virtual workshops, you will explore the skills educators need to climb an institution’s promotion ladder and succeed in a career in academic medicine. You will learn strategies for:

  • Navigating a successful career path
  • Spearheading educational innovations
  • Becoming an educational change agent
  • Identifying your personal leadership style
  • Managing your time to stay clinically and academically productive
  • Turning your work into peer-reviewed scholarship

Academic Career Advancement: Strategies for Personal and Professional Growth

In this workshop, you will learn practical strategies to develop your career as an educator and advance academically. You will receive practical tips for disseminating your ideas, creating your professional identity, growing your reputation, evaluating your leadership style, and expanding your influence. Learn how to:

  • Build an educational niche based on your experience and passions
  • Create leadership roles that are personally rewarding and meaningful to your career advancement
  • Attain greater visibility for your work and accomplishments

Key Leadership Skills to Advance the Careers of Medical Educators

Do you think of yourself as a leader? We guarantee you are – whether you are leading a class, course module, clerkship, residency, fellowship, division, or department, YOU ARE A LEADER. Each of us has innate leadership tendencies and styles, but we may need to adapt the style to the context. Educators need sufficient flexibility to utilize a range of leadership styles in a given day, and are often required to balance advocating for their programs, colleagues and learners with advocating for themselves. Just as we are “always teaching,” we are “always leading.”  In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and leverage personal assets—key features of your own leadership style—to lead improvement initiatives
  • Identify how to balance advocating for programs and others with advocating for oneself and one’s career
  • Lead people and initiatives in a medical education environment comprising professionals of varying ages
  • Recognize how your leadership style may be perceived and interpreted by individuals of one age group vs. another (and consider strategies to adapt your style to particular situations)
  • Apply current principles and practices for inclusive and transparent leadership
  • Implement strategies to lead change at your institution emphasizing diversity of approaches and an open communication approach

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity through Better Time Management

Striking a balance between clinical and medical education demands is difficult, but there are ways to remain highly productive in both roles. This portion of the program offers productivity tips that can immediately serve you well throughout your professional career. 

Ideas and education presented here include strategies, productivity tools, tips and techniques to:

  • Enhance professional productivity
  • Reduce distraction and procrastination
  • Decide when to say “Yes” and how to say “No” without compromising your career
  • Find the right mentor
  • Get to email “zero”
  • Leverage technology and apps for significant productivity improvements
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Improve professional job satisfaction

Career Challenges Roundtables

With guidance and direction from established HMS medical educators, participants will gather in small working groups to discuss current career challenges faced by the group members. This will be an opportunity for in-depth discussion of both your own and your colleagues' areas of interest and those where mentorship can be of great assistance. Moderators will guide participants through a set of approaches and strategies that require self-reflection and group support and feedback. Participants will leave with specific suggestions for next steps in their career trajectory.